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And we have returned!

So, in case you missed it, we have been MIA for a while. During that time some things have changed. First Ahim has changed her screen name to Ryoko Haptism, this way we have more of a “married” name. Second we have moved from doing our videos with emulators to using honest hardware (original hardware in most cases).

That being said it feels amazing to be back recording.  So what should you expect from us now that we are back? Well i’m glad you asked that.
1. A modified regular schedule.
      What does this mean? New videos will be made available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The “modified” part of the schedule is this, as Duo is now playing minecraft on a server, every so often he will post “Minecraft Saturday” videos, these will not be every week and can include the very cool 360 degree VR videos. All videos will be posted at 10AM EST (7AM PST)

2. Monthly Contests.
       Free stuff? Yes! So how do you enter the monthly contests? Simple subscribe to our youtube account, and comment on videos for the current month. Entry period will close the last week of each month with the winner announcement video published last week day of the month.

3. Much more social media activity
      We know in our MIA time we left our social media accounts well… die. We will do our best to be on our accounts and post and interact as much as we can.

Those are the 3 things we plan on committing to for our channel.

If you have any comments post them below!

also if you have missed our videos since coming back Check out our channel!

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Shovel Knight Episode 3: Depose the False King

Todays Episode We continue our look at Shovel Knight and the January give away continues!

We take on the King Knight, a false king sitting on a throne. Lets get digging!

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