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Shovel Knight almost over, whats next?

If you have been keeping up with the current video series i’m sure you will see we are almost done with Shovel Knight.

We will be finishing it up the first week of February thence will continue with Kingdom Hearts for the PS2. This is our first time playing any game in this series so we are very much so going into it blind. Kingdom Hearts will be for the rest of February, then it will go on hiatus, as we do our first “Mega March”!

Originally we had planned for it to be “Mighty March” but the pushback of the release date of Mighty No. 9 made us have to look to the Mega Man collection games for the PS2 we just got.

“Mega March” will be where we start with Mega Man (1) and with daily M-F episodes try beating as many of the mega man games we can! How far can we get in a month of playing Mega Man? Guess you will have to tune in and see!

New give aways for each month too! Have you entered into the January giveaway? If not jump on that there is still time!

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