Okami Episode 5: The Great Rock

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New Video Schedules and some website things

Hey to all our viewers!

So this is a first, A post on the website that isn’t a video but more of a “blog” post.

This week starting at 10:00AM EST there is a new video schedule. This is due to some changes happening on the channel and site in general.

So what is the new schedule? Well we are still posting our let’s play videos on the same days, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But there is only 2 episodes per day, the 10AM and 2PM time slots.

Why going back to 2 episodes? Well because of other projects and video types we are working on.

The new Minecraft series I have been doing solo, Adventures in Symmetria, Is something I want to do more of but need the extra time to record episodes. I am moving the episode release from Sundays to Tuesdays, with a possible second episode on Thursday.

Now for the second reason for this post. Some may notice there is an option to register as a user to the site in the left side bar. This is added for a future feature and we really haven’t been pushing it. Even so we have had a bunch of users registering. Do I think these are valid users and not spammer? Possibly, but i’m officially making a new rule. If I see any user with an e-mail address that is a obvious “spam catcher” e-mail address, I will remove them. We do not have a newsletter or any sort of mailing system ¬†and registering is not needed for commenting on posts. So setting up your account with these services is not needed.


That is it for our website update. — DUO

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Song of the Deep, Episode 27: The End

A beautiful end to a beautiful game!

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