Mega March Day 2

Day 2 of Mega March, we are at 16 deaths, this is getting ugly…. Join us in the fun!

LINKS–|——> Mine Chest for all you Minecraft fans! Mega Man Legacy Collection Mighty No. 9 

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Mega March Begins!

We start off Mega March with Mega Man 1 and start this M-F daily adventure. There will be 23 episodes of mega march, comment how far you think we will get playing them in order only moving to the next one when we beat the previous. Thats 8 games, 62 robot masters how far? I hope we at least get to Mega Man 5 as that is my favorite game.

Watch for the death counter and see how fast it rises.

LINKS–|——> Mine Chest for all you Minecraft fans! Mega Man Legacy Collection

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